They all laughed, pleasantly smiled
the turn of events so favourable
Praising deity, luck and time
it all was going beautifully.
And  for a few moments of doubt
they heard words of encouragement
showering them with confidence
rebuilding their trust in self.
When congratulated on success
they said, “It was due to her
Her words and a loving touch
What else is needed to move forward.”
Others asked her how she did
create the magic to make others glee
and what she said that encouraged
overcoming fear and discouragement alike?
Her reply was crisp and sharp
something least expected
“I say what I want to hear,
compassion what I want to see”
Baffled, they asked who’s for her
who consoled and put her up?

“I talk myself into courage
my words my own encouragement.”

Programming In Life

If life would exist as a linked list
And memory files programmable

Would switching between events ease up
Would forgetting get easy?

Won’t we program memory-
Delete pointer to  a certain event

To some painful memory
Or of someone being missed badly…

In every single breath!
Would some pains not cease from life

Would easier not get everyone’s life
We could lose access to some

Great though painful memoirs
But they would still occupy mind

Or maybe we delete the events
Running garbage collection features!


Done with her daily chores
she sat, tired and dozed off
landing in a meadow, lush
flowers adorning; so serene.

On a cliff with a book;
and giggling on a swing;
Meeting up with a friend;
and talking endless.

Sleeping under that starry sky
jumping off that cliff
travelling to some far off place
enjoying rapids on a raft.

Working at her dream place
being respected; identified
important; cherished; by all loved
the team she dreamed of.

Coziness; luxury, some happiness
having peace and two square meals!
Relishing a moment to self …

And suddenly she jostles awake
it had all been a dream
and now, she married!