Trust is a magical thing. When put in the right people, it elevates life. But when put in wrong people, it can only ruin lives.

And when you doubt someone’s truth due to some other person’s perceived truth, you are calling for trouble. You should be able to distinguish truth from false and trustworthy people from hypocrites. Unless you do, you are ruining your relations.

Trust either bonds relations further or pulls people farther apart. It all depends on whom you put your trust into. And what you value more.

Choose wisely!



There was one thing being repeated over and again
“I don’t really care, it’s all fine”
Though brains tried to reflect
Heart had turned rebellious
It was chaos, no, a war
An invisible, internal fight
Though outside they thought it happy
Nothing could internally be worse
What fun they assumed it to be
Being internally fought and torn apart




A protest. A ruckus. A new trending news. An uproar against. An arrest!

All these events followed only a basic fact – death anniversary of a convict. An alleged terrorist who tried to blow up parliament of democracy. Anti-nationalist. And a little mass of a university gathered to pay their tributes to the terrorist guy. They speak in his favour, call the judgement a judicial killing, taint the hands of leaders and judges red with his blood. Call the convict a martyr. And what do they ask for in these protests? Azaadi!

Following this protest whole of the nation goes up in arms against the students and the university.
“How come university approved such an event?”
“And how dare people call for Azaadi and remember a terrorist? ”
“All these are traitors. Only worth throwing out of the country. Send them to Pakistan, or Afghanistan or anywhere.”
“They should be charged with sedition and tried under anti-terrorist laws.”

The whole nation united against these few voices. Deeming them unfit for the country and a waste of resources. They were misusing the freedom of speech and the democratic nature of nation. Bloody  *************!

Eventually the uproar of people due to constant telecast of the event by news channels led to arrest of the student union leader. And the telecast was definitely not neutral. It was laden with all kinds of hate speech a person speaking as VJ can. Influencing people’s mind to what they desire. Sedition charges were levied upon the student. Was the nation satisfied now?

In all this chaos and confusion, uproar and call for shutting down the university people forgot to do their homework. They simply relied on what the news anchors and social media fed them with. Their own knowledge of the incident was almost nil! Oh, isn’t media there to educate us only? Well maybe! But all the country’s media cared about was their TRP. They didn’t mind blowing a news out of proportion or speaking to influence because their primary concern was their TRP not truth.

Nobody asked the student body why they had held the event. Or why they were supporting a convict who has been hanged three years earlier. Nobody bothered to know their side of the story. Because the society believes in being with the flow. Go where the crowd is going and mimic them.

The students had decided to hold the protest in their sane mental states. All they wanted to project was the real nature of conviction of the aforementioned. All the evidence presented was circumstantial. And even the judgement mentioned that the conviction is taking place for collective conscience of society. Did any member of the society read the judgement before declaring Afzal Guru a terrorist? (You don’t even need to file an RTI. The judgement is easily available all over internet!)

When the students called for Azaadi they did not mean to draw a new line of international border. They wanted the country and the world to recognise Kashmir as a conflict. They wanted the world’s largest democracy to end the human rights violation that happens there day and night. They want Azaadi from AFSPA, from PSA and from all other draconian laws that permit army to kill anyone anywhere without being held accountable for it.

The meaning of Azaadi is not bound to borders only. Kashmir wants Azaadi from army men beating a 3-year old to death and then roaming free without any conviction. Kashmir wants Azaadi from army shooting a 16-year old while playing in the park and never being held accountable. Kashmir wants Azaadi from army entering a village and raping all its women, then stubbornly  denying all the charges.

Kashmir is fed up of politics and false promises, of all the hypocritic people calling Kashmir an integral part but never  raising their voices for the atrocities done there. People of the world or of the country have done nothing to make them their own. Not a soul from civil society raised his voice of concern when mass graves were found in Kashmir or when army men were found guilty of fake encounters. Why did they all not raise their voice against the violation of rights then? Was Kashmir not an integral part then? Were people living there not humans? No one has any right to call Kashmir their own. Kashmir wants to be Azaad!

And for all those whose pride takes a dip in admitting Kashmir as a conflict zone, switch off that idiot box, move over your prejudice, and read about Kashmir.

“Kashmir Ki Azaadi Tak Jung Rahegi!”

Moments of Loss and Despair

The light of soul may dim sometimes
And the situation be all bleak
The darkness slowly creeps in
Aura turning all blue!

Eyes blinded by floods,
Not a soul in sight
The weak muscles all screaming,
‘Get somebody for support ‘

A cry heard far far away
Yet not a soul turned up
Energy, emotions wasted so…
Oh! If only

Expectations, love is all farce
Nobody stands by for long
Water ebbs and flows forward
Who wastes time on a stuck up soul?

In those moments of loss and despair
Do you find your reservoir
The identity, your individuality
And that dependence is addictive too!

The Dependency of Love

We all tend to trust and rely on people. Love, as they call it. And this makes us feel (rather we assume) that our happiness is connected to them. They are good to us, we are happy. They are unpleasant or unentertaining, we feel upset.

Even in times of emotional crisis or work overload, we tend to seek such people we can rely on. Tell someone our troubles, and make them reassure us.

These people are often selectively chosen so they can reinforce our beliefs when we doubt them . But are these people really important? Or, is their role as belief reinforcers worth?

In our daily chores and worries, we tend to forget we once lived without these cherished people and survived too. By being dependent we are only planning our own heart breaks. Everyone has it all inside, and by depending on others we are only failing our own selves. Doing injustice.

Like Khalil Gibran rightly said,
” But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.
Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soles.”