You may try hard, as you want.
Tell me all the realities; our society.
But my wings are no more bound.
I care not about the cage…
I might as well be the change…

A Missing Beloved!

It is easy to be tired and fall asleep the moment one hits the bed.
Difficult is no sleep, and the hands free; nothing to hold. The utter need of having something to fill the gap up and be there.
The utter reminder of a missing someone.

Of the missing beloved!

Of Grief

After the talk; prospects of loss,
death, and grief
Of life without

I sit in a garden

Looking for a four-leaf clover;
calming my storms
You stirred inside


Separation –
The prospectus of you being elsewhere
Takes a toll onto me
I sacrifice my being, mourning
Do you witness this, God?
This love, attachment
I inflict pain onto myself
Breaking to pieces
And cater to the wounds of soul,
I try forgetting the ordeal
The love, separation, pain
I forget the whole world in turn
But forgetting you takes an eternity
Oh! I had forgotten my own self
Who woke me back to reality
Who broke my mad dream?
I supplicate the insomniac nights,
Your longevity, our love
You learned your powers on life, on me
I quit the whole world for you …
My ordeal made the gardens lament
” Where’s your companion
Why do you traverse the path alone”
Even the autumn breeze consoled
My misery broke even the destroyer!
Now I live in this abyss
Gloom and sorrow, my days
I keep searching for solace
I keep searching for you!

Free of the Stabbing Pain

You know that fancy,
Having a broken glass in hand
Sharp, and striking it through the wrist
Over and over again!

Tearing everything in the path
The threads, the skin, veins
Gushing blood and moments of pain
Counting till the last

Visions of all the was
the knives that stabbed
cups, full of poison
and that helplessness…

And now free, free of everything
Free of all the stabbing pain


The Ease of Pointing a Finger

“What do you do this for
this seeking attention
what pleasure?”

The suddenness of the question
the stab, the pain
what had I done so wrong?

“You are passing signals
allowing their thoughts to go berserk
what fun arousing their imagination?”

I kept wondering
how wrong could a smile be
sharing a laugh in the tragedy of life!

I conjecture at the perceptions
how environments, upbringing work
the ease of raising a finger!