She was jolly that day. A day out with her best friend. What else can cheer up  a person more than a friend. They didn’t do anything extraordinary. Only a walk down the road and a dessert in a famous shop. As she was relishing her dessert, she suddenly noticed he was gone. Nowhere within site or in the shop. A quick glance around confirmed that. She frantically got up to check the streets for him. No clue. He was gone!

A cry escaped her lips. Scanning her surroundings she realized she was home. It was still dark. Clock on the wall read 2. A nightmare! Relieved, she went back to sleep.

The next day she met her friend. Together they laughed on the weird dream. At that moment they could not conceive the thoughts of separation. They had no reason after all. There was no possibility.

As much as they liked each other’s company, people envied them equally. As per the traditions of our society, their friendship was condemned on all levels. The most common thing? “A guy and a girl can never be just friends!” To counter them, they only had truth. Their minds had never wandered to the romantic sides. They did not consider gender when together. They were just two souls searching and seeking together.

But our society does not take rest easily, or does it? His friends started to taunt him. And ask about their relation too.
“Are you flirting with her?”
“Is she your girlfriend?”
“Are you two in a relationship?”
“What is going on between you two? You two are always together!”

After some time the guy snapped contacts with her. No explanations, no goodbyes. This sudden change of behaviour drove her crazy. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t contact him and didn’t know why.

She had hopes he would return, If only for a final goodbye, but he would. She kept waiting, pinging him. Neither did he reply nor did he offer any explanation.

She kept wondering whether he was not affected at all. Did the sudden parting of ways not affect him?  Not the least? Depressed, she kept wondering what had happened. Was he so fed up with societal pressure that he gave up a cherished friendship? Or did the taunts of society reflect his true feelings? Was he somehow inclined to his friend? To her? Did he love her as they all said? Or did he quit so she may not have to hear anything?

In the dark cold nights she kept wondering. Why did he quit? She awaited an answer. None arrived. And the void remained!


Some people, despite all the love
can never be together, never ever!

Some people, may what they try
never grow compatible.

Something keeps them on the edge
on the verge of a breakdown

Never letting things settle down
or the pain to ease up.

Some people, despite claiming maturity,
know not how to reign thoughts.


At one time or the other everyone feels stressed. And on those times we choose to worry about what all can go wrong, what all is against our success, how by a single mistake everything can get ruined, blah blah blah.

And in those few moments we tend to loose all our hope and confidence in ourselves. Further efforts go waste as we do them thinking we are not worth.

What we forget is hope is that light which pierces darkness. Even if it be bleak, hope lends warmth to the soul and the courage to walk further.

Walking in a wrong direction is still better than staying still at a place with no progress at all.

Heart Break

Some days you need to be hurt and broken by the very best people you love. Not to cease the relations but to realise that the best people can also be standing opposite to you some day. Some day you might have to fight your own for your dreams or for the truth. And some days, just for the sake of it.

Unless your heart is broken, light cannot enter.


Yellow, red, bright blue
pollen didn’t cause her flu
running around, gardens found
it’s feet were not wounds bound
fragrance, air, so longed nacter
transferring pollens for all that matter

But meadows, gardens, all flowers
were all dreams, so farther
a glass wall separating her
she, bound in some ways
Her heart yearned for that butterfly
and she? enclosed within those four walls!

Understand Someone?

We all try to understand other people and make other people understand what we feel. But no one really understands your life, struggles, decisions or reasons. All they do is to fit your situation to something they have experienced and act accordingly. They do not understand the complexity of your situation or the toll it takes onto you. They do not face the same threats as you, nor does their adrenaline rise in response. When someone says they understand, they only fool you!

No wonder most people do not understand or misunderstand how you feel.

Biased Children?

All through our childhood we see our mothers work feverently for us. Even a moment’s rest seems a luxury for them. And yet, when we gain enough strength to replay them we choose, instead, to neglect.

All through we tend to see the duties of our parents towards us but never do they work for their rights. Are our parents not entitled to our care and love in their years of down?

But instead, we tend to make them work even more. In most of the households, parents are treated as servants and maids. Maybe this is the only reason they are kept at home. Unpaid and trusted labour. Does none realise that we are doing them injustice?

In  a bid to please our wives and not let them get burdened by household chores and children, we tend to thrust work onto our parents. Thinking they have served us before and would do so forever. But are we not taking them too lightly?

Do we not realise that same situation might reciprocate on us? The child we cherish today might employ the same propaganda. Tomorrow he might, as well, treat us as mere unpaid servants!

They say prayer of a broken heart is considered immediately. Do we wish to bring wrath upon us by treating our parents ill?

They are entitled to respect and care as much as our partners and children deserve. Then why this bias?



Colours, flowers, green meadows
All seemed alien, so remote
Visible through the small window
a life so variable
Here life was dim, streets gloomy
There sun seemed to shine so brightly
Here moments were so restricted
There things flowed so gloriously
There sun shone impartially
Here even dark imparted partiality.


Distance does not always separate. It fans the longing and waters fire. It brings conscience in sync with action. And makes sure you are set right. And when you are all ready, the distance ceases to be .


Perpetual bliss is a myth