Blessing in Our Life


We are told that the ladies who are the easiest to look after are the most blessed.
The question remains, do we treat them as the blessings that they are said to be? Do we treat them as they should be?
Or do we, because of their low maintenance, just neglect their needs?
Because they do not make a fuss and create havoc every time their needs or wishes are not fulfilled, do we overlook their needs? The things that make them happy? The subtle forms of care and love that could overjoy them?
Do we forget doing the things we would for other people because they might just start throwing things in our face? And because these ladies make no such nuisances, do we just ignore them? Take them for granted?
Or for that matter, any person who does not explicitly counter our ways, or do not make extravagant demands, do we take all such people for granted?
Planning things, eating out, conversations, or anything for that matter, any plan, we never consider these “low maintenance, considerate” people.
Is this what someone’s consideration is worth? Is this how they should be treated?

Or are we waiting for them to snap and move away to start looking at them and looking out for them? Or caring for them? And if we do, would it be what keeps them with us? Happy and content?
Or would they have moved too far before we realize they have given up on us?


I had asked for answers
I had questioned Him so many times
to the point of my desperation
I wanted fast, simultaneous answers.
I could not figure out my life
what was happening around
it was all chaos
and I had no knowledge
I bombarded You with questions
Your answer was silence
I asked You again and again
and Your answer never changed.
And then one day, I felt
I was relearning things
I understood my knowledge
in a different perspective.
My mind had many different thoughts,
something unconventional for me.
And I find an angel by my doorstep
Comforting and answering me.


She could see beyond that paint
Beyond that smile that was feigned

Beyond that fair blushed face
Their true colours lay barren

Spending time around, she knew
There was none to call own

Amongst claims of being close
Care was the easiest thing to feign

Beyond conversations she could see
The slight changes of expressions

And though they claimed friendship
They frowned on mention of needs

They did what people call care
Only that it wasn’t real

They were all messy portraits
Crafty, painted, lifeless…

And she knew they would break
Her heart the day she trusted!


A feast, joy, party
gleeful laughs and memoirs
smiles, compliments and clicks
summaries on shirts.

With markers and pens they wrote
heartfelt last words to other
A eulogy before being dead
maybe the end was perceived bad.

With those last moments being shared,
cherished and captured for all good
in one corner stood alone
a soul, unattended.

The soul probably gained no friends
detached from people, from world
and as others tried to gather all
the soul wondered what it gained!


They all laughed, pleasantly smiled
the turn of events so favourable
Praising deity, luck and time
it all was going beautifully.
And  for a few moments of doubt
they heard words of encouragement
showering them with confidence
rebuilding their trust in self.
When congratulated on success
they said, “It was due to her
Her words and a loving touch
What else is needed to move forward.”
Others asked her how she did
create the magic to make others glee
and what she said that encouraged
overcoming fear and discouragement alike?
Her reply was crisp and sharp
something least expected
“I say what I want to hear,
compassion what I want to see”
Baffled, they asked who’s for her
who consoled and put her up?

“I talk myself into courage
my words my own encouragement.”

Lots of Wishes

May you have best of years ahead
may you get every wish fulfilled
May your heart be full of joy
may you always be genuinely happy.
May you never regret your past
may in the world you never get lost
May I always see you chirpy, bubbly
may you be satisfied completely
May the best things fall your way
May there always be something to make your day
Lots of wishes your way

Happy Birthday!

Adieu; Exodus; Farewell!

They had been the guiding lights
on the paths dark and dreaded
They had been those helping hands
pulling us out of dispair pits.
Like stars shining bright at night
giving hopes of a coming dawn
Instilling hopes of a better tomorrow
the feeling, “Together we belong”
When we cried being homesick
scolding, supporting, through thick and thin
like an elder sibling does
Their memories fill up the place
leaving a mark everywhere
They opened up the doors for us
so we could transit to the better
clearing the bottlenecks and boulders
creating paths for predecessors
Bidding adieu, leaving behind
empty places and a trial to follow!


There were tags being handed over
saying it was sinful; dishonest
something that didn’t go well with society
something so gross and unethical

They sat down wondering
“What all had we done wrong?”
What were the blames for
and why all this chaos?

They called the relation flirtatious
their interaction compared to a player
complementing with a fake tongue
intent to use the same.

And yet, in their hearts they knew
their relation was nothing but holy
all that poured was sheer respect
something he earned so hard

Their hearts bled to people’s thoughts
something crumbling; falling apart
how could someone ever question
a believer’s relation with the Divine!


They said parents love one the most
he always felt otherwise
How that sidelined his yearnings
how he had to sacrifice

And now the waters were neck deep
moving away the only possibility
And somehow  the lows of life
let to years of hard work.

Looking back, he knew
it all had something good
had the circumstances been different
never would he grow.
His success was more to them
than his own hard work.
cause unless you are pushed to wall
you don’t learn climbing it!