Lots of Wishes

May you have best of years ahead
may you get every wish fulfilled
May your heart be full of joy
may you always be genuinely happy.
May you never regret your past
may in the world you never get lost
May I always see you chirpy, bubbly
may you be satisfied completely
May the best things fall your way
May there always be something to make your day
Lots of wishes your way

Happy Birthday!

Wounds on my soul

I was always thought as capricious
when I was candid

I was always labelled culprit
when I wanted to make things right!

I was thought to grieve people
when I wanted to console them

I was thought to be brutal
when at heart I was tender

They always took me on face
neglecting my wretched soul

and never did they know about
wounds borne on my soul!


They adored, spoke highly
The art, so captivating
It seemed to express all in mind
Yet, so incomprehensible
They lacked words, expressions
The colours, patterns had another language
As if a soul peeking another
And yet, not an eye realized
The canvas had not colours painted
It was blood; pain and tears
People rejoiced-enjoyed;
the suffering of another soul.


It is so strange how perceptions of the same thing vary amongst various people. What may be a spoiler for one is just normal human behaviour for other. What one sees as failure is just a hurdle in path for the other. One may be seen as a loser by one and as a risk bearer by other. The secret to all this lies within the person only.
What you see is what you want to see. And it does not necessarily have a relevance to reality. For it seems that people should get disclaimers too. ‘Your perceptions are creation of your own mind. They may bear little or no relevance to reality’
Like Plato said
‘Beauty lies in the eye of beholder’