Be what you are;  don’t feign the day
You are the best in your smiling way

You tend to think and over think
Let your brains rest for a blink

Reign your thoughts; don’t let them astray
Loose control and even mom would betray

Never remain idle, do what you can
Without proof never put another to blame

Mind what you say because words are sharp
They wound without drawing blood

Watch out what you are going for
Things allure; don’t give yourself away

Reason and find your own purpose
Don’t wake up without being curious

Seek knowledge where you can
World around is not so plain

Look for hope everywhere
There are people who hold you very dear!

No More!

I feel like being so selfish
Like dragging a dagger down his chest
I can see love in his eyes
But I love him no more!

He caresses in the most lovely way
As if I the only person in world
But my wounds have clutched my soul
Grief rendered me vulnerable no more!

I had become numb from feelings
Neither did I feel happy nor gloomy
And the list to whine had ceased
I wanted to love him back; but I could no more!

He wanted me to be the same
The care and love I used to be
But he couldn’t see what I could
I couldn’t be the same; no more!

In his negligence of behaviour and care
I had bestowed my everything on him
Now he wakes from his slumber
But I desire love no more!

Conversing Life ..

He said, “I’m all alone
nobody ever understood”
She said, ” I’m here for you
life has given you an option”

He said, ” Life is so difficult
walking a mile gives me aches”
She said, “Go searching for the light
You shall never get tired”

He said,” I am fed up
the routine and the daily life”
She said, ” Look at the purpose
Look at the picture being carved out!”

He said, ” The path is filled with obstacles
I can never get over them”
She said, ” Ah! Think again
You could even move around 😉 ”

He said, ” My feet are aching by journey
I can go on no longer”
She said, ” Look back and see the road crossed
its only milk and cheese ahead”

HE said, ” I shall never get to the goal
it seems far and I am gloomy”
She said, ” Seek within; seek out your soul
your happiness lies there; not outside”

He said, ” My feet got wounded and blood’s all over
the journey is difficult for me to come over
I give up my motives here
My blisters hurt and I walk no further”

She said, ” Don’t escape, its just near
try to overcome all your fear
unless you move out of the comfort
you would never grow nor desire a dessert”

But his mind won’t let him go
his fear held him like a mouse in claw
Fear reigned as an eagle in his head
he believed he could not without seeing the chains!

IF …

Everybody played gleefully
assuming they got all life offers
enjoying as if no tomorrow
or no change would dethrone them.

She stood quiet, aloof in a corner
wondering what life could bring further
what if the ride started descending
would she be patient or scream out?

Pondering over the past gone by
how dreadful it had been
and though the wounds would heal if forgotten
was that really needed?

Does grief not provide wisdom
and increase the patience as needed
Does it not transform you
making you stronger and better today?

But people whined and cried misfortune
how they had been hunted and killed
would they instead not be happy
the level of torture they experienced!

And now as they stood free
would smiles not be better than tears
would planning and working not be better
hands look better working than with wine glasses!

Hard Love

They said, ” You have changed
You never behaved like this before
Something is not so you
Something in you makes us blue.

You don’t care the same way anymore
Nor do you consider us the same
Seems like the real you is somewhere else
You, a fake entity!”

She didn’t know what to say
So much had been going around
Grief had been her eternal partner
And people? Ah! Nowhere.

She had been what they wanted
The charm and support people desire
And all she got back were blames
Abuses and raised fingers!

And one day grief bestowed her
Showering love all over
Her feelings and pain all ceased
Turning her numb!

They said,” I am in trouble
Won’t you help me out? ”
She responded back unexpectedly
Provoking rather than helping.

Now she made them work themselves
Instead of doing everything.
And though they said she loved no more
She had switched to hard love.


Teach me how to believe blindly ….
Seems I have lost my faith …
Teach me to be carefree
my soul is too distressed
Teach me how to let things go
thoughts are making my life blue
Teach me how to laugh
Pain is all I know of
Teach me to play like a child
I am lost in my thoughts wild
Teach me to be happy in less
my life seems to be in distress
My stress levels never go down
seems Lord likes my frown.
Teach me not to think
my life somehow did I shrink …
Ah … I am fed up of my state
neither do I love this nor do I hate
I am somehow out of my mind
My thoughts turning me blind

Shall I Go?

I’m tired of my life
of being in a cage like some wife
of hearing praises of golden bars
of wishing an end to the wars.

Of thinking how cruel life can be
of weighing my options to flee
of looking at some positive
of finding meaning in life’s negative.

My life always had melancholy
my life for me always felt sorry
my life, though, not a culprit
but I wasn’t fit enough for it.

Life wore gloom always
happiness always out of phase
what fun was in materialistic chase
had I not come with counted days?

I felt the need to end up life
I was too tired to live life
if life was cruel and promised so
then was it not better for me to go?

Never Needed

If I was to burn in flames
and no heed paid to all my claims

If I was meant to hear only blames
and be called by strange names

Then why was I given hope to live
people whom I trust and believe

Why was there light on my path
if my sins couldn’t be washed by a bath?

If I was to be abused all my life
was it not better to have a knife?

If my love couldn’t claim affection
and my actions not gain perfection

then for what was I made a human
to be put at people’s discretion?

If they say you feign care
and anyone in life to you doesn’t matter

then should I cut open my heart
show my feelings without any art

Shall I prove my innocence to them
cut my heart in pieces for them?

Or shall I let them burn in fire
and not let myself be hung by a wire

Proof is needed to prove culprits
for innocence no proof is ever needed!

A strife

There was a difference between he and she
something that always caused a rift
A strife always in between
despite all the love.

A discord always unsolved
a regret hidden in heart
Some talks, emotions left unsaid
and expectations of understandings.

The gap kept widening
a new emotion hidden per day
and as they stand far away
today wondering why!


Even deception is a perception
What eyes see may not be
And what is hidden maybe
A cause of change in perception.
Unless you close your eyes and mind
And Wear other person’s shoes long enough
You cannot understand what has been
The causative agents of an action.
Unless you see by their eyes
You won’t know what is what for them
Unless you don’t share the soul
You can never understand!