Escaping Reality

She hovered around books
Talking to mirrors and times to self
Pretending being a small child
Probably a compensation for the lost.

Busy in a reveree
Neither awake nor asleep
Assuming, thinking, imagining things
Probably escaping reality.

Working like a maniac
As if everything an emergency
Not a moment to even breathe
Probably blocking away thoughts.

Constantly trying to escape self
Something was intimidating her
Her energy or silence
Probably snatching her peace away.

Unable to comprehend reality
She sought bliss in avoidance
Ignoring and pretending the reality
Is escapism really a beauty?


A sunshine in all the gloom
Someone who could make flowers bloom
A smile that peeked through darkness
With her, how long can you avert happiness
Who could cheer up like a tickle
May she never get a wrinkle


More to misunderstand and more to loose
why to ever let your tongue loose?
More to share and less the means
why else shall they put up screens?


And at every step she took
a trial awaited her
She tried being patient
seeking the good in all
And though she knew all was needed
yet a part of her broke
Though she knew it would prove good
her eyes still shed a tear
She walked not caring for what pierced her feet
and yet she bled for every cut
Wounds skin deep cure and heel
but memories still make the heart bleed.


Looking around broken-hearted
something was amiss
the search continued for years
still not knowing what the yearning was for!

Things had changed and many more
yet they could not come to fore
everything they wanted was there
except the heart’s desire for peace.

Something would always go wrong
a little mistake blown out of proportion
passing blames on one another
and despising the change brought around.

And yet, they never acknowledged
their own roles in the changes
all was fault of the other
and self? A saint!


And everyone around was a graveyard
carrying their own corpse around.
They still walked and talked as humans
but something was still dead in them.
They greeted cheerfully and worked hard
earned money and did jobs
yet their soul resided somewhere else
somewhere without masks and paints
Where an invitation was real
and a smile didn’t reveal fangs
Where eyes were not cold
and expressions real
Where people felt for each other
Humans don’t close their eyes to pain
They don’t simply ignore other’s agony.
You shout, cry, draw attention
Unless you are really dead.
And unless you are empathetic
You really are not human.
Their souls had left their place
replaced by mere walking corpses
And though they said they enjoy,
They yearned to be at a place
Where people were still alive!



There are better ways to cope than die
Gloom and sun equally pass by
Yet we think over the grief
Extending the period meant to be brief
Splitting black on canvas
Thinking it would help with stuff
And yet pain never ceases to be
Unless you will, nobody can help thee!


A sudden, wild rage
something burning, as if caged
It caught me unaware,
shouting, crying and what not.
A strong force was in formation
and only growing by the passing time.
It felt like a monster
wrecking and breaking everything
Though I held the force,
it felt all so helpless.
Everything seemed so distant
Even I wasn’t me
And yes, monsters are real,
one lives within!

Her God

After a long tiresome day
They sat across each other
A few complaints they usually had
What else comprises love?

They sat there arguing
Like children blaming each other
And yet they bound so strong
Nothing could have torn apart

And yet they misunderstood
Words are misleading
She said, he heard
And a fury followed.

And yet in the end
They held hands caringly
And she, out of guilt prostated
To the god of her destiny

A teary prayer down there
How she knew all her fault
How he was so superior
To bear with calm her blunder

He lifted her, wiped off the tears
As if an answer to her prayer
Somehow this reinforced her faith
He indeed her god.


And in those hands that caress
Love that shows in the way they touch
They sparkle in their eyes
Affirming all the same

And as time passes, without realization
The holding hand smothers
In name of protection and love
It is fear that replaces

And in that nature of protection
They curb what is inherently their
And in the protection of their warmth and gaze
They slowly kill their own beloved.