Not Even Bothered?

And hiding back with a smile
Hollow words saying nothing .
A betraying smile more to self
A show off as if all was well!
Blames passed and so did love
They knew nothing of the peace dove
Though they tried so hard daily
They could never succeed not barely
And though they kept promising
They never knew what they wanted


Some rains are perpetual. However hard you may try to fight them off, they always find a reason to stay!


Do not let in those who wanna change you
or control the brimming storms inside you
Do not let someone hurt where it should caress
or in any way make you feel worthless
Do not let yourself be trampled upon
let the past ghosts be bygone
Believe in yourself whatever the condition may,
everyone deserves respect every moment of the day!

So Necessary

An occasional tear, a rare scuffle
A fight sometimes is necessary
to reach the zenith of your dreams
A fall sometimes is necessary.

When we get too comfortable
Or start taking things for granted
That new obstacle in our path
Is nothing else than necessary

When we fall into arrogance
Proud of our elligance
Stumbling over a stray rock
Is all so much necessary

Though we curse and abuse
Why shall things come in our way
But in all sunny weather
Rains are also necessary

A Tear Drop


A tear does not signify your weakness. It signifies your strength to get up and strive again after you have hit low.

It signifies you have learnt from what happened and are again on the path to make things work. A symbol that you are not stuck.

Though low, tears make the best telescopes to future, give one the best vision and they do release the bodily tension one feels.

Don’t feel shy of your emotions. Let them flow and be your strength.


And life poses in front such difficult obstacles that one cannot decide whether to tackle them or to quit them. Either of the choices puts you to loss.

Only on rare occasions can one hold onto two choices simultaneously, and life gives such opportunities rarely. On all other occasions its either or or the other. You can choose not but not both of them together!

A Note …


To be available as a book
how noble the soul shall be
letting go through to find answers
what he has found long ago.

Being that hand who takes to walk
when we stagger in the path
the beam of light that fills the room
when all you see is filled of gloom

The mirror who never laughed at the tears
whose voice had calmed a tempest
emphasizing the good in you
a calm talk to draw you out of blue

No, I won’t call him an angel
humans starve so much more
tending to balance all thee got
and yet show us all around!

And yet so often we tend to forget
the goods we learnt in the process
all we see is we are bound
ugly four walls enclosing us!

We keep on whining not aware
how much they have to share
and yet we disregard their depth of knowledge
as if we knew the ultimate truth….

So ignorant that we do not realize
what is good and what bad
and yet we point fingers on those
who tend to make us realize “us”.


When we choose to stay far from the true love of our lives, we deprive ourselves of their care and concern. And all the while away from them we tend to search for love to suffice. But who can love us more? We find this too soon that the world is unkind and cruel leaving us irritated and angry on ourselves.

Regain yourself. Don;t be angry, just return to the love of life. The care and peace of heart would set everything right. Believe and it would be!

Shades Of Grey

Nothing we see is truly white or black. What we see around are only different shades of grey!

A Year Back


I remember back a year this time
we all had horror speaking through eyes

We tried in vain to console the heart
but he knew more than he was taught

Hope that flickered on every call
trying frantically, maybe someone would get my call

Alas! for a week I lay inconsolable
thinking of the worst with those betraying tears

Ah! how I had seen the devastation from so far
so keen to keep an eye on everything from here.

And yet I got no news of anyone dear
only a frantic sister who cried as hard

That one night after a week so long
when suddenly someone from home had called

I didn’t know the number displayed
but i was too happy someone could connect

Even if a stranger i could ask a little
only turning out to be my own sister

And what relief to hear my dear mother
how i had yearned so long to hear her

Yeah, everyone was fine in there
thought flooded, my dad was still there.

And how i felt grief come over
what was the need for dad to stay there?

How i longed to go back to him
how much i cared and how much i missed him

Gradually everyone called in to say
how they are fine and nothing to be afraid

Though I had my own conflicts with family
I then knew they were no less than the deity up there!