Seeing Again

He had lost his brother
condolences poured in
but could they all really understand
what he was going through?
Could they sense his heart break
or how hollow he felt inside?
Could they sense his emptiness
the way he felt devastated?
Did they know how numb he felt
how hard it was to cope up
How he managed to not break down
and not let his tears flow.
They said they knew how he felt
and they were with him
But were they really?
Would they actually provide help?
Would they turn up when in need?
Somewhere he knew the answer
and that this all a formality
Yet he greeted them all well
not revealing his grieved soul
awaiting the time to see him again!


A feast, joy, party
gleeful laughs and memoirs
smiles, compliments and clicks
summaries on shirts.

With markers and pens they wrote
heartfelt last words to other
A eulogy before being dead
maybe the end was perceived bad.

With those last moments being shared,
cherished and captured for all good
in one corner stood alone
a soul, unattended.

The soul probably gained no friends
detached from people, from world
and as others tried to gather all
the soul wondered what it gained!


Amongst the happy, cheerful days
a streak of darkness creeped in
and gradually it took roots
a stray doubt; a silly fear.

With a blow of destiny
everything was suddenly dark
all the blossoms died away
and all hope engulfed.

For a long long time,
things remained gloomy
and someday hope beamed
results still awaited…