There were tags being handed over
saying it was sinful; dishonest
something that didn’t go well with society
something so gross and unethical

They sat down wondering
“What all had we done wrong?”
What were the blames for
and why all this chaos?

They called the relation flirtatious
their interaction compared to a player
complementing with a fake tongue
intent to use the same.

And yet, in their hearts they knew
their relation was nothing but holy
all that poured was sheer respect
something he earned so hard

Their hearts bled to people’s thoughts
something crumbling; falling apart
how could someone ever question
a believer’s relation with the Divine!


She visualised her exodus
she was moving farther away
leaving a childhood behind,
no more the legacy of calling home.

No longer waking to mom’s call
neither be pampered by dad often
running to win against bro
and stealing candy when sis was gone…

Who would she have fun with now?
She is expected mature
work and act emotionless
poised; balanced; letting nothing show…

But where to keep the child within?
should she lock her up somewhere
never letting her peek out
or should she put her straight to death….

She fought tears while leaving
who would love and caress her
can it be even remotely same
as to what she lived before…

He had promised it would be good
but would his family be as lovely
would they really cherish her being
and be a loving family?

Her fears told her otherwise
instead of mom would be a critic;
her moments restricted at home and out
working; cleaning; however tired

She would have no say in affairs
even if something concerned her
would she ever be consulted and asked?
Would she ever … fit in?

Would her mother not tease and taunt
question her skills and expertise
would she be insulted for mistakes
Oh! The pain of even thinking …

What if someday she has a strife
by whose side would he stand
would he look for the truth behind
or blindly agree to his family’s version?

Would he leave her alone, such
making her feel out of place
making her rethink the decision,
was marriage even worth?

She left, clutching her heart in hand
maybe she needed a stone instead
wearing a fake mask of strength on face …
and locking the bubbly child inside…!


Sometimes you need reassurance, even though you know….



I stood up there calming myself,
talking good, giving hope
Staring at a stray paper and wondering
death stared, cuddling!

At that point life seemed hard
consoling, drying my own tears
That low within said, ” Give up.
There is nothing left to live up”

Circumstances rendered a dagger fit
why not use it appropriate?
Why not cut self in two
end the heartsick period and life too?

A thousand reasons to cut and bleed;
to sip a potion of arsenic;
jump from eleven floors or come under a car
to survive, life was praying onto a star.

Sobbing, thinking, fighting a war
light flickering, overtaking dark…
it decided slamming gloom
for a day avoiding doom!



People stood at a distance,
Laughing, inconsiderate.
She stood frozen at her place
Feeling small, stone heart!

She had been doing the best she could
Yet, fingers were raised
Putting in everything she had
And results inclined to bad.

For them she, a joke
They, for her, arsenic
Her silence was taken for stupidity
Does she even understand?

But she was rendered numb
And a stone in heart’s place
They saw what she was,
Not what turned her so!


And I saw her talking frantically
Prejudiced, my ears shut
Not a word could steal inside!

I could see her lips part and meet
And her hands move up in air
She trying to get something across
( something My ego didn’t let me know )

She felt she should let me know
But I, too adamant to hear her out
Deafened by my own perspective

I saw her so egoistic and proud
And started despising her
In my envy shutting her out.

I never learnt what I should have
Everything comes at a cost
And for revenge we need two graves!

Dead or Alive?

And everyone around was a graveyard
carrying their own corpse around.
They still walked and talked as humans
but something was still dead in them.
They greeted cheerfully and worked hard
earned money and did jobs
yet their soul resided somewhere else
somewhere without masks and paints
Where an invitation was real
and a smile didn’t reveal fangs
Where eyes were not cold
and expressions real
Where people felt for each other
Humans don’t close their eyes to pain
They don’t simply ignore other’s agony.
You shout, cry, draw attention
Unless you are really dead.
And unless you are empathetic
You really are not human.
Their souls had left their place
replaced by mere walking corpses
And though they said they enjoy,
They yearned to be at a place
Where people were still alive!



They asked, ” How are the circumstances?
Still tense and unsafe?
Do you still have bomb blasts
Or meet terrorists?”

Speech failed and so did words
Thoughts raced further than they should
All attempts to describe the place
Went futile; all in vain

This had happened even before
They were national chauvinists
Unable to understand and comprehend
Beloved national can be wrong too.

They failed to acknowledge the land a conflict
For them it an integral part
But the truth lay hidden from them
Truth being the first casualty in conflict.

They trusted what media presented and
Politicians said; situations blown out of control
Being naive,thinking all was truth
Is that not how they ruined it?

Least aware about politics
How leaders used the issue for benefits
How cruel they could be with people
Diplomats and hypocrites .

They failedto know how people disappeared
And were killed in cold blood
No terrorist did so, but
Beloved security desirous of promotions

Neither they knew how voices were suppressed
Tear gases and bullets to shoo away
For them it was only water;
And didn’t sometimes police even protect them?

What they knew wasn’t whole of truth
A three year old can’t be a threat
They weren’t killing terrorists
It was a planned genocide!

Yet, not a word escaped lips
They were national chauvinists
Perceptions and beliefs would clash if expressed
And he, the only child of his mother!


All had eyes on drugs
how fast they intoxicated
leaving the person unaware
misbehaving, uttering nuisances!

They said it ruined lives
cause the impact they had
addicted, helpless, unaware
why should they not be cursed?

And in the stereotyped environment
they forgot: How
daily events impacted mind
behaviour of people

How a violent scene onscreen
promoted the same behaviour
and how frequent questioning
fills up mind with fear!

How a trip, an experience
change one’s outlook
how a book can surge anger
leaving you vulnerable.

It seems like people regard
one poison and other naught
cause if drugs are instantaneous
others are arsenic too!

In Between

She was caught amongst two opposites
One seeking her right and one left
She didn’t know where to go
Each seeking her attention equally
One was blood and other affection
Both so close, so dear to her
And yet in their clash of ideas
She didn’t know where to go.
She couldn’t decide whom to listen to
Both were right in their stand
And though they said it’s her right,
She could see pain in their eyes.
She was filled with indecision
A decision would hurt either of two
Both were equally important to her
How could she do so?
And in their fight of right and wrong
It was she who suffered most
Their egos clashed amongst them
And she hurt in between