2015 in review

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

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Internet is overflowing with posts related to betraying boyfriends. Stating how deceitful men can be. Cheating boyfriends, polygamy, extramarital affairs and what not. Media is as if hell bent on proving men only pursue for lust. They objectify women, use them and over.

But where do the stories of stone-hearted girlfriends and wives go? When men narrate their ordeal, why does the world not trust? Does our society think that women are too innocent or that they are too loyal?

When women slap their men with false accusations and serve them legal notices, world empathises with them. But does anyone try to know the truth? Everyone starts speaking about how our society is plagued with male chauvinism. Nobody challenges claims of ladies.

Does the society not realise how they are bound by charms of a lady? How a lady can make lives turn by just speaking. Everyone trusts a lady just because she is one, and nobody questions the authenticity of her claims!

Everyone pitches for equality and giving women rights. But I guess world needs something else. World needs not women with special rights. It needs people to realise that gender does not make a person right or wrong. The person does!

Has our conscience died?

They always said a girl is the family’s pride and prestige. Why, they never revealed.

Years passed. I saw girls and boys medling together. Some as friends, some as boyfriends. Yet, during discussions and debates only a girl was blamed. I wondered what was wrong with people’s mind. Never could I sort out.

While erring one day, someone wise told me, “A girl has little prestige earned in all the years and a boy has little less. But a guy’s prestige never diminishes whatever he may do. On the contrary, a single mistake on a girl’s part proves fatal for her prestige. Usually nothing remains.”

Society does not think of evil as both sided, girls get to blame. Guys can do all they want. I wondered why…

Then I realised suddenly, girls have some kind of power. They can really make guys crazy, a puppet in their hands. One gaze and guys forget what they should and should not. A guy with strings pulled by a girl can’t really decide what to do, or can they?

Society blamed maybe to regulate. Maybe they thought girls could make world a better place. Maybe by blaming, they wanted to keep a check onto their behaviour.

But then why should someone be dependent on societal pressure to do right? Is our generation so lost that we need laws to regulate?

Has our conscience died?


All her life she had to seek permission from family before undertaking something or making a decision. And now she was getting married.

She asked whether she would be allowed to work after marriage too. The answer was, “That is for your husband to decide”.

All her life she is dominated by someone. For one part by her parents and family and for another by husband and in-laws. Why cannot she be treated autonomous?

In a marriage both partners hold equal responsibility. It is not fair for only one partner to take all the burden and responsibility on oneself. Then why should wife be accountable and husband free? If males can do as they wish without seeking prior permissions or even without informing, why can’t the lady?

In her mind someone screamed, “I am not sold!”.

Closed Doors?

Off late I realised that people tend to indulge in comic videos, movies, jokes etc. because they don’t wanna think. They see everything but don’t really want to give it a thought. Their conscience knocks but they shut it off by indulging in laughter and silly stuff.

No, comedies are not made only to entertain and refresh people. It is not restricted to cheering people up. It is a means of closing doors to thought, shutting the mind off and not thinking.

Drugs are not the only means of escaping. Comedies are also used for escapism.

Adieu; Exodus; Farewell!

They had been the guiding lights
on the paths dark and dreaded
They had been those helping hands
pulling us out of dispair pits.
Like stars shining bright at night
giving hopes of a coming dawn
Instilling hopes of a better tomorrow
the feeling, “Together we belong”
When we cried being homesick
scolding, supporting, through thick and thin
like an elder sibling does
Their memories fill up the place
leaving a mark everywhere
They opened up the doors for us
so we could transit to the better
clearing the bottlenecks and boulders
creating paths for predecessors
Bidding adieu, leaving behind
empty places and a trial to follow!


Even though words are meant to express, they cannot always satisfactorily fulfill the need. However large a vocabulary, they can never be enough for the ever evolving emotions. At one point or the other, you need to learn the language of silence; of expressions and emotions. A verbal acknowledgement shall not be necessary where actions speak so loud.

Remember, love can never find enough words for its expression. Its the signs you have to read!