Looking for Solace!

Have you ever felt like the skies came crashing onto you? Like everything just went haywire? Like everything that one had planned was splashed with water and now all the color, the ink, the plans are washed out? Like everything that ever mattered no more exists?

What does one do? How does one fix the skies? How to put the broken pieces up there again? What glue to use? Would the pieces stick to each other like before? Would the glue be strong enough to prevent it from falling again? Would this pain be just once in a lifetime experience? Could it be?

And on top of everything, there are these people called writers. Overtly emotional. Always on the verge of tears. Broken with the slightest touch and hurt by a pinprick. What do such people do? Where do they find their solace, their peace? Is there anything like peace for them?

Is there solace?



We often think we should be sad. Or how it is sadness, grief that is a permanent feature of life.

As writers we are often told how it is grief that gives us the ability to write. How you have to put in your everything in your writing to make it good.

But we forget grief is not the only heartfelt emotion. Joy, happiness, surprise, and all other emotions are equally good. Whatever we feel through our heart is good enough to be put to words and presented.

If a writer, an author can completely feel an emotion, so can his readers.

Happiness is equally beautiful and rewarding!