Everyone has phases in life. Childhood, school, tuitions, college … Every phase has different people associated with it. Different bonds, different relations. Expectations. Aspirations.

And somehow sharing a part of life turns insignificant when a new phase is introduced. Somehow everything associated with a phase is let go. Maybe to make a place for new things. Maybe it is an escape way… who knows!

The only remnant we let ourselves have is a piece of paper signifying the time we spent, toiling.

Why was it so difficult to give people some space in life? To give time to people we once so cherished? Who meant the world to us at some point of time. Are our schedules actually so busy? Do we care so less?

From another perspective, we hold images of people we have met. Some memories. Some traits. And over time we tend to idealise them. Maybe we are afraid we won’t find them the same once we reconnect. Maybe they refuse to recognise… Maybe the place we had in their lives has been replaced. Maybe we fear the change in them.


The Dependency of Love

We all tend to trust and rely on people. Love, as they call it. And this makes us feel (rather we assume) that our happiness is connected to them. They are good to us, we are happy. They are unpleasant or unentertaining, we feel upset.

Even in times of emotional crisis or work overload, we tend to seek such people we can rely on. Tell someone our troubles, and make them reassure us.

These people are often selectively chosen so they can reinforce our beliefs when we doubt them . But are these people really important? Or, is their role as belief reinforcers worth?

In our daily chores and worries, we tend to forget we once lived without these cherished people and survived too. By being dependent we are only planning our own heart breaks. Everyone has it all inside, and by depending on others we are only failing our own selves. Doing injustice.

Like Khalil Gibran rightly said,
” But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.
Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soles.”