And you thought I forgot?
Or that I cared less?
Maybe that you were not special
or a bit less important
Cause we had just met
and it was time for adieu?
Nah! you were wrong!
Even for you I wrote a song
Maybe we have things to share
certain things about which we care
Maybe we crossed paths late
cause it wasn’t the end yet!

A Year of Care


A soothing hand
footprints on the heart’s sand

A hearty laugh
someone who looks like a giraffe (to me)

Nocturnal talks
waking up early for morning walks!

Honey with lime
to the world don’t give a dime

That request to pray
“Someone somehow make my day!”

That urge to meet
that person sometimes I want to beat

Affection and love
acting insane, both hand in glove

Abusing friends,
calling names, setting trends

And that cry
welled eyes, throat dry

Moments of helplessness
“Can’t breath, I am choking”

Rushing in an ambulance
drip and an oxygen mask 😉

Creating panic amongst all
everyone dreads your fall!

Only a week?


And yeah, I did not tell you
i am not gonna spare you
We are still gonna be together
do not make excuse of hot weather

You would not get away easily
you are gonna miss me badly
And I am waiting for you, gladly
In love with you, madly!

You rightly said, “Time does not matter”
our bond was built within days and later
shouting, laughing together…
both praying for each other

And yeah! You would get your desires soon
you are not asking for moon
and reconciliation is very easy
just a step and soul’s set free

Don’t ever tell me you are busy
never diet and get dizzy
don’t try things when hair is frizzy
Eat well and stay healthy!

Goodbye? … Nah!


No, I don’t wanna say goodbye
we meet again, before I die

We do not snap contact at this
neither give another a moment to miss

We do not forget the lovely time
we spent together youth’s prime

We do not fall apart…
will always cherish the company we had

No one can take the place you have
the way enchant and captivate!

The chat we had at four in wee
the way with you time would flee

Life with you was always glee
and I could always be me 😉

Hence there be no adieu
no farewell, no turning blue

And we would soon meet too
I can’t be far apart from you!