Ask for Alms!

I was recently travelling back home when an elderly person boarded the vehicle and started talking about his personal miseries, ill health and how he is a father to some 2 ladies. He also mentioned his dearth of monetary resources.

While asking for help, he held out his cap in his hand. A cap. Which is often seen as a symbol of respect and dignity.

What must have befallen this person to openly talk about his misery, ask for alms and even hold out his respect to others? Even knowing the fact that they may as well disrespect the dignity he is putting forth. What must have befallen him to not think about running into an acquaintance or someone recognizing him? Or the cold he must have felt while uncovering and displaying his injuries.

What could it be? What kind of misery? What sorrow? Test?

Masks and Us!

We constantly think about our images. What people think about us. What they perceive us as. And we often yearn to be in their good books. Likable.

For attaining this we often mould ourselves. Change to fit the other person’s description of good. Become someone they want to see.

This leads us to paint brushes. We carry them along. Everywhere. All the time. Different kinds and shapes. And we use them as per the person we meet. Happy, sad, agreeable, domicile. All kinds. We become everything.

But we never ask ourselves why. Why do we want to be liked. What would happen if they don’t? Are we so afraid to stand alone that we choose fake? Or are we afraid to be real? Do we fear facing the real us? Do we know the real us?

When was the last time you did what you wanted to do irrespective of what people would percieve it as? What was the last time you saw yourself?

If the answer is a long time back, or never, ask yourself. Why?


Many times we come across people who are accustomed to getting respect. As if they have some inherent right to it irrespective to their qualification for the same.  And to satisfy their ego they demand of people to show them respect. Guidelines are laid. Rules. Shoulds and shouldn’ts. A pre-agreed behaviour.

But all that these people get is fake. A compulsion. Because they forget that to get respect from someone is equivalent to win their heart. All they earn is people’s loathing. Disregard. And the wishes to have minimum interaction with such people.

They forget everything cannot be demanded, some things are meant to be worked hard for. Only when you are true and humble would the universe reciprocate.

Only when you touch their souls do you earn their respect!

Mita de apni hasti ko gar kuch martaba chahe
ki daana khaak mai mil kar gul-e-gulzaar hota hai

-Alaama Iqbal



Biased Children?

All through our childhood we see our mothers work feverently for us. Even a moment’s rest seems a luxury for them. And yet, when we gain enough strength to replay them we choose, instead, to neglect.

All through we tend to see the duties of our parents towards us but never do they work for their rights. Are our parents not entitled to our care and love in their years of down?

But instead, we tend to make them work even more. In most of the households, parents are treated as servants and maids. Maybe this is the only reason they are kept at home. Unpaid and trusted labour. Does none realise that we are doing them injustice?

In  a bid to please our wives and not let them get burdened by household chores and children, we tend to thrust work onto our parents. Thinking they have served us before and would do so forever. But are we not taking them too lightly?

Do we not realise that same situation might reciprocate on us? The child we cherish today might employ the same propaganda. Tomorrow he might, as well, treat us as mere unpaid servants!

They say prayer of a broken heart is considered immediately. Do we wish to bring wrath upon us by treating our parents ill?

They are entitled to respect and care as much as our partners and children deserve. Then why this bias?



Do not let in those who wanna change you
or control the brimming storms inside you
Do not let someone hurt where it should caress
or in any way make you feel worthless
Do not let yourself be trampled upon
let the past ghosts be bygone
Believe in yourself whatever the condition may,
everyone deserves respect every moment of the day!