Where To?


Where to?
I ask myself repeatedly
Oblivious to the destination
This road leads to

I walk endlessly, thinking
This would lead me somewhere
Then I ask myself again
Where to?

This is devastating
How I don’t know
It is like being granted a wish
And not knowing what to ask for, where to

I look ahead
Trying to decipher signs
I find none, am I that lost ?
I head along, not knowing where to!

Purpose Less?

Of all the obstacles and hardships a bad day can provide, having doubts on your purpose of this life is the worst. That sudden feeling of uselessness and subsequent hours of overthinking are the hardest to endure. How can one possibly be cheerful or even functional when they feel like a zilch? Like your existence were of no possible benefit to anyone. Trash.

Beyond the daily chores and a daily routine, what do we live for? Apart from the calculations of profit and loss, benefit and money, what is it that drives our day? What, at the end of the day, are we looking for?

Has our routine run so deep in our veins that we do it mechanically? Without questioning? Without looking for a reason, ever? Have we forgotten to look within and know what we desire? Contemplate for our passions and work for them?

In the pursuit of a luxurious life, fame and money, have we forgotten our own selves?