Everyone has phases in life. Childhood, school, tuitions, college … Every phase has different people associated with it. Different bonds, different relations. Expectations. Aspirations.

And somehow sharing a part of life turns insignificant when a new phase is introduced. Somehow everything associated with a phase is let go. Maybe to make a place for new things. Maybe it is an escape way… who knows!

The only remnant we let ourselves have is a piece of paper signifying the time we spent, toiling.

Why was it so difficult to give people some space in life? To give time to people we once so cherished? Who meant the world to us at some point of time. Are our schedules actually so busy? Do we care so less?

From another perspective, we hold images of people we have met. Some memories. Some traits. And over time we tend to idealise them. Maybe we are afraid we won’t find them the same once we reconnect. Maybe they refuse to recognise… Maybe the place we had in their lives has been replaced. Maybe we fear the change in them.



They said,
“Change all that you desire
But make yours better first
Be and then build”

I looked them in the eye
So blinded by ‘money’
their vision of life
end to every misery

I might quit everything
and change my situation
become something people yearn
earn and be in luxury

But would that money,
that free time
bring back the child

Would that cure wounds
the stray dog died of?
Would it bring smile on face
the child that sought help?

Building future was phenomenal
but, somewhere living in future
they asked me to overlook
the destruction that happened today!


She cried, bewildered
where had the child gone?
But where had she been when
the soul was alone at home
trying not to be afraid
future can hold unknowns!

She looked around for her child
but it was long gone
Where was she when it cried
hungry and so tired
figuring out how to cook,
seeking mother in distress?

She asked, “Why it left early
Was it not too young to die?”
Where was she when he wanted to play
and was shooed away?
made to feel like unwanted
a burden onto the family?

She pleaded them to let it be
and not take it away from her
Where was she when it cried for her
seeking her affection and protection.
When all it desired was her
and she busy with other!

She looked around in despair
It had waited for her hopelessly
She seeks when it no more was
It sought when ignored so hard
And as it parted that fateful day
one lost life and other hope!


When you are happy even in absence of a person, that does not mean the person is of no value to you. It means you value yourself more!

A Conflict Within


Looking at him a euphoria
How plethora of memories arrived
Paralyzed for a moment
Unable to think or say hi

He talked pleasantly
Stating how he missed her
The difficulty in mind and heart
When unable to see her

How he yearned to meet again
Maybe something strikes again
The spark may not be dead yet
A light of hopes to survive.

She still lost somewhere else
As if she in a dream
Her yearning stood in front of her
She tied by helplessness

He talked of how years passed
And what all happened to him
How he conquered obstacles
His heart still burning

She recalled without saying a word
How difficult it was for her
Her every breath recalled him
But he was too far off

Her eyes had cried blood
Yearning to see him again
Her heart secretly tried to communicate
And head restricting the same.

She at times acted desperate
As if an addict in rehab
She had thought of even dying
Drowning in the floods inside.

But now with time she turned numb
Even his presence didn’t create a spark
Her heart was so much bound inside
Even her wishes died inside

Her heart died another death
When she again said no to him
The small ray of hope in heart
Was overcome by gloom

Her head ruled her life no doubt
But a rebellion thrived in heart
Even though her tongue said no
Her eyes spilled a thousand yes!

They hold hands for the Last time
A goodbye kiss on her forehead
And as they part from each other
Even skies cry and ask why!

From the dark …

With all the busy schedules who has got time to console?  Who would pat my back and make me stand up?

I found myself lost. And turned to Him. With all the fear of rejection I asked for help. And He did.  He listened. The best listener anyone could ever get. He understood my agony and pain. And stood there by me till I felt better.

I needed someone’s embrace. But none was in vicinity. I prostrated . The feeling of being in someone’s arms could not be met. But I knew this embrace could continue for long. He was in no hurry. Always accessible . He heard all my whines and saw all my tears. But never did He ridicule anything of me. Accepted me as I was.

He did not shoo me away stating His busy schedule. Not did He part me when the embrace seemed never ending. It seemed like He has been waiting only for me; like all His time was mine. I, His priority!

if this is not true love then what is? ?