Of Grief

After the talk; prospects of loss,
death, and grief
Of life without

I sit in a garden

Looking for a four-leaf clover;
calming my storms
You stirred inside

Your Fragrance

This fragrance of itr
That fills the air
Whenever I open my bag!

A pretty notorious way
Of reminding someone
Of You!

And of your absence too…


I had, all of a sudden, lost
a part of me
so dear, so intimate

I had, all of a sudden, felt
sheer grief
the unattainability of lost

I had, all of a sudden, roused
Oh! I lost this too
this process, I lost me!

I had, all of a sudden, revisited
stories, tales, laments
the pain of broken hearts

I had, all of a sudden, grief
a companion; somewhere disappeared
meanwhile revisiting memories

I had, all of a sudden, discovered
the pain of losing the pain
And like a mother with a dead child
I wander around, lost
lamenting, crying, grieving for grief!


I could hear his tormented voice
its breaking into a wail
pain, anguish, agony

Tear-streaked face
Innocence; questions in eyes
frantic attempts in sheer fear

Giving in, I console
Brazen, insensitive hope
blinded by some positivity

Justifying statements
His plans are the pest
there’s prosperity even in the loss

My audacity, I forget
his pain wasn’t some easy trial
death staring him in the eye

The dread of losing his father!


I sit on a glass table
some coffee, music

Plethora of thoughts,
a hurricane

I sit, with a pen, open
ready to pen down

a story, a poem, or…
some kind of solace

All I could see, in front –
a blank sheet stained with tears!



Gun shots being heard so loud
All was happening on a street
A teenager had died
Teargas being fired

Disperse people and the crowd
Or cause the ceased rivers to flow
Was the sorrow not enough
A canister needed anyway!

Slogans demanding justice
Someone had taken his eyes out
Who killed so brutally
Torturing him to a slow death.

The voices seeked his culprit
Who the heartless creature was
The voices were tried to be supressed
Nothing is heard above gun shots.

As the sorrow seeped in
As the void was felt
Uniform came to their rescue
Shot a dozen canisters to facilitate tears!