A Year Back


I remember back a year this time
we all had horror speaking through eyes

We tried in vain to console the heart
but he knew more than he was taught

Hope that flickered on every call
trying frantically, maybe someone would get my call

Alas! for a week I lay inconsolable
thinking of the worst with those betraying tears

Ah! how I had seen the devastation from so far
so keen to keep an eye on everything from here.

And yet I got no news of anyone dear
only a frantic sister who cried as hard

That one night after a week so long
when suddenly someone from home had called

I didn’t know the number displayed
but i was too happy someone could connect

Even if a stranger i could ask a little
only turning out to be my own sister

And what relief to hear my dear mother
how i had yearned so long to hear her

Yeah, everyone was fine in there
thought flooded, my dad was still there.

And how i felt grief come over
what was the need for dad to stay there?

How i longed to go back to him
how much i cared and how much i missed him

Gradually everyone called in to say
how they are fine and nothing to be afraid

Though I had my own conflicts with family
I then knew they were no less than the deity up there!