Someone, somewhere, someday said,
“Treat people the way
you want to be treated as”

I wanted to be cared for,
affection, relation

I reciprocated the same
Giving away care and love
giving smiles away

Unlike the expectations
I got alligations
fingers pointing at me.

Called attention-seeking
and fake;
Someone to be condemned
To be steered away from

Somehow I let an allegation through
like a bullet shattered glass
blood, pain, tears; a mess

Now, I seek a mask
I seek Me!



Trust is a magical thing. When put in the right people, it elevates life. But when put in wrong people, it can only ruin lives.

And when you doubt someone’s truth due to some other person’s perceived truth, you are calling for trouble. You should be able to distinguish truth from false and trustworthy people from hypocrites. Unless you do, you are ruining your relations.

Trust either bonds relations further or pulls people farther apart. It all depends on whom you put your trust into. And what you value more.

Choose wisely!