I had asked for answers
I had questioned Him so many times
to the point of my desperation
I wanted fast, simultaneous answers.
I could not figure out my life
what was happening around
it was all chaos
and I had no knowledge
I bombarded You with questions
Your answer was silence
I asked You again and again
and Your answer never changed.
And then one day, I felt
I was relearning things
I understood my knowledge
in a different perspective.
My mind had many different thoughts,
something unconventional for me.
And I find an angel by my doorstep
Comforting and answering me.

Her God

After a long tiresome day
They sat across each other
A few complaints they usually had
What else comprises love?

They sat there arguing
Like children blaming each other
And yet they bound so strong
Nothing could have torn apart

And yet they misunderstood
Words are misleading
She said, he heard
And a fury followed.

And yet in the end
They held hands caringly
And she, out of guilt prostated
To the god of her destiny

A teary prayer down there
How she knew all her fault
How he was so superior
To bear with calm her blunder

He lifted her, wiped off the tears
As if an answer to her prayer
Somehow this reinforced her faith
He indeed her god.


When we choose to stay far from the true love of our lives, we deprive ourselves of their care and concern. And all the while away from them we tend to search for love to suffice. But who can love us more? We find this too soon that the world is unkind and cruel leaving us irritated and angry on ourselves.

Regain yourself. Don;t be angry, just return to the love of life. The care and peace of heart would set everything right. Believe and it would be!

Just Pondering…

With all the love birds promising each other to be together forever one ponders over the truth of such statements. Can it really be true? Can such promises be fulfilled? Especially when parental consent is something very difficult to get? Do they not consider any abnormal circumstances can change the stance? Maybe something else has been destined for them. And still they feel powerful enough to commit their life to someone?

And even if parental consent is not a problem, how can someone be in an unethical relationship? Do they not consider God? How can love flourishing under God’s wrath expect to survive forever?  Is God not potent enough to erase it all within seconds?  Can He not doom the love to sudden death and dislike?  Can He not hamper a couple’s plans of staying together forever?

Instead of pleasing people and a lover why don’t we focus more on pleasing God? Would love not bloom better with his blessings? Would life not become more pleasurable with His consent? Why can’t we restain ourselves for some years?  Won’t the wait be worth it?  Won’t everyone’s love and care make it more beautiful?  Won’t the blessings make the love last forever?

Accept or Defy!

Being broken into pieces
a part of me in bliss

The feeling of being created afresh
something beautiful from scratch

but a part is too pained
being grinded to powder

the pain so exhaustive, so torturous
about to ask for a halt.

And mind indecisive in nature,
whether to accept or fight


Loud pitched voice
rude in people’s eyes
But who cares?
you have got your own ties!

Constant striffles by this,
everyone baffles
But people do not see
love that flows amongst cries

Shouting loud, behaving rude
language with some is always crude
Some people frown, ruin the mood
but then, there is always food!

And somewhere hidden a soft heart
longing for someone far apart
secret prayers on the chart
does not want to depart!

But one day you would realise
it was all part of a surprise
He already had plans for you
of which you had no clue!

From the dark …

With all the busy schedules who has got time to console?  Who would pat my back and make me stand up?

I found myself lost. And turned to Him. With all the fear of rejection I asked for help. And He did.  He listened. The best listener anyone could ever get. He understood my agony and pain. And stood there by me till I felt better.

I needed someone’s embrace. But none was in vicinity. I prostrated . The feeling of being in someone’s arms could not be met. But I knew this embrace could continue for long. He was in no hurry. Always accessible . He heard all my whines and saw all my tears. But never did He ridicule anything of me. Accepted me as I was.

He did not shoo me away stating His busy schedule. Not did He part me when the embrace seemed never ending. It seemed like He has been waiting only for me; like all His time was mine. I, His priority!

if this is not true love then what is? ?


Those times when she gave in
anger raising a tempest within her

feeling like exploding
like she could not take anything anymore

as if everything was meant to hurt
splashing ink; ruining her shirt!

When nothing was understood
and in situations could not see any good

When she felt so vulnerable
something making her feel horrible

He came in as her support
who made her see beyond

How things would work towards the better
and how these petty things won’t matter

Took her by hand, showing the path
assuring nothing had happened to call for her wrath

That tests are part of everyone’s life
you cannot give up on every strife

A tear does not make the path easier
neither can a thorn make you any weaker.

The tempest calmed itself down
soon from her face gone was the frown

Looking up with a new light in eyes
was He not God in disguise?