I kept wandering, looking around
Something that would ease my pain

I didn’t know what to look for
or to recognise it

I sought alone,
people exagerated madness

I sought freedom,
away from chains and boundations

I sought release
a burden of expectations on my shoulder

And yet I couldn’t see
it was fear ruling me

Looking over my mistakes
Blaming all others
I expected some magic
To pull me out of chaos!

Break Point

Everyone studies in schools about malleability of metal. Of how you can hammer and bend it without it breaking. But that is only upto a limit. After that it would inevitably break and fall apart.

Humans have this property of malleability too. We adjust and adapt very easily to circumstances. Making adjustments and compromises. We do all this so easily and put in so much effort into our desired work. For desired outputs.

But when you work too hard and listen to every critic without shouting back at them, you tend to play with your limits. And suddenly even a small incident triggers chaos. You reach your break point and snap! Broken and fallen apart. Just like that.

And then the going back is all the more difficult. Cause you feel so tired. Hopeless. And given up on everything. For beyond a point, stretching yourself is more harm than good result.