Internet is overflowing with posts related to betraying boyfriends. Stating how deceitful men can be. Cheating boyfriends, polygamy, extramarital affairs and what not. Media is as if hell bent on proving men only pursue for lust. They objectify women, use them and over.

But where do the stories of stone-hearted girlfriends and wives go? When men narrate their ordeal, why does the world not trust? Does our society think that women are too innocent or that they are too loyal?

When women slap their men with false accusations and serve them legal notices, world empathises with them. But does anyone try to know the truth? Everyone starts speaking about how our society is plagued with male chauvinism. Nobody challenges claims of ladies.

Does the society not realise how they are bound by charms of a lady? How a lady can make lives turn by just speaking. Everyone trusts a lady just because she is one, and nobody questions the authenticity of her claims!

Everyone pitches for equality and giving women rights. But I guess world needs something else. World needs not women with special rights. It needs people to realise that gender does not make a person right or wrong. The person does!