Search for Dreams


Recently I was at Hazrat Nizammuddin Dargah out of sheer curiosity. And as I sat down, I observed people. There was no religious constrain anywhere. All kinds of people made up the crowd. Some praying, some kneeling, some listening to the qawwals. 

Some time later, I felt like why would anyone follow all these rituals? Tell a stranger all their problems and expect them to provide solutions or even better, solve it out for them? Why would someone kneel at a grave, and pray? What was it that was pushing all these people to such doors to attain fulfillment?

Why did these people not work towards their goals? Why did these people not take their affairs in hand and sorted everything out? Why did they give ultimate strangers the power to change the path their life was headed onto?

It also seemed like an act of cowardice. Escapism. Non-seriousness. It was like finding the easy way out. Pray to someone. Tie a thread. And hope the prayers are answered. Like yearning for a harvest and waiting for rains to irrigate the land. Would the chances of harvest not improve if efforts were made to irrigate? Would the dreams not be met? Why was action missing?

But, on the other hand, maybe they had put in so much effort, so much of themselves in attaining the dream that they could do no more? Maybe they were too tired to walk further. Maybe they had worked themselves to the extend that they could only hope for a miracle? Maybe they had tried everything else and this was the last option?

Or they might be so crazy, so adamant to attain the dreams that they did not want to run a risk. They did not want to leave any stone un-turned that could take them to their dreams. However irrational the path seemed. Maybe for them that something meant more than anything else. And the absurdity of path was of least concern to them!

Oh! The possibilities. Of Reasons and Judgements.


Closed Doors?

Off late I realised that people tend to indulge in comic videos, movies, jokes etc. because they don’t wanna think. They see everything but don’t really want to give it a thought. Their conscience knocks but they shut it off by indulging in laughter and silly stuff.

No, comedies are not made only to entertain and refresh people. It is not restricted to cheering people up. It is a means of closing doors to thought, shutting the mind off and not thinking.

Drugs are not the only means of escaping. Comedies are also used for escapism.

Escaping Reality

She hovered around books
Talking to mirrors and times to self
Pretending being a small child
Probably a compensation for the lost.

Busy in a reveree
Neither awake nor asleep
Assuming, thinking, imagining things
Probably escaping reality.

Working like a maniac
As if everything an emergency
Not a moment to even breathe
Probably blocking away thoughts.

Constantly trying to escape self
Something was intimidating her
Her energy or silence
Probably snatching her peace away.

Unable to comprehend reality
She sought bliss in avoidance
Ignoring and pretending the reality
Is escapism really a beauty?