Towards Destiny

Expected Flowers

Beautiful Bloom
Joy to eyes
A Smile

A Marriage
A Florist

A Journey
A Bouquet
A Bride

Delusion of Mind

And all of a sudden I desire
A blade slicing through my wrist
Blood oozing out in busts
Everything painted red

An attempt to clean out all inside
Everything that deserves not to be
One or another trait, unwanted
The tag of unholy

Some memory may get erased
The piercing eyes of world
Loneliness, awkwardness
And forbidding eyes around

The soul may ultimately jolt awake
Dilemma of existence put to end
A vision to follow, go after
A life desired, devoted too!


Some journeys are more alluring than the destination. But everything has to end. Nothing can go on forever.

Unless one thing ends, another cannot start. And though we despair at the end, everything is linked together. All a part of a larger puzzle where they fit in to complete the picture.

And at some later point of time we see the links connecting. Knowing why things happened and what they served. Some lessons need to be learned the hard way.

Peace cannot prevail without some pain!