Has our conscience died?

They always said a girl is the family’s pride and prestige. Why, they never revealed.

Years passed. I saw girls and boys medling together. Some as friends, some as boyfriends. Yet, during discussions and debates only a girl was blamed. I wondered what was wrong with people’s mind. Never could I sort out.

While erring one day, someone wise told me, “A girl has little prestige earned in all the years and a boy has little less. But a guy’s prestige never diminishes whatever he may do. On the contrary, a single mistake on a girl’s part proves fatal for her prestige. Usually nothing remains.”

Society does not think of evil as both sided, girls get to blame. Guys can do all they want. I wondered why…

Then I realised suddenly, girls have some kind of power. They can really make guys crazy, a puppet in their hands. One gaze and guys forget what they should and should not. A guy with strings pulled by a girl can’t really decide what to do, or can they?

Society blamed maybe to regulate. Maybe they thought girls could make world a better place. Maybe by blaming, they wanted to keep a check onto their behaviour.

But then why should someone be dependent on societal pressure to do right? Is our generation so lost that we need laws to regulate?

Has our conscience died?



Gun shots being heard so loud
All was happening on a street
A teenager had died
Teargas being fired

Disperse people and the crowd
Or cause the ceased rivers to flow
Was the sorrow not enough
A canister needed anyway!

Slogans demanding justice
Someone had taken his eyes out
Who killed so brutally
Torturing him to a slow death.

The voices seeked his culprit
Who the heartless creature was
The voices were tried to be supressed
Nothing is heard above gun shots.

As the sorrow seeped in
As the void was felt
Uniform came to their rescue
Shot a dozen canisters to facilitate tears!