Walking down the road,
in pursuit of that goal
the  cherished longing,
the golden dream

Along the way you try too hard
with a sun shining too bright
And then suddenly you feel tired
all energy, zeal sapped.

You wish the destination were nearer
that you reach before too late
with fatigue creeping in
the distance seeming even longer.

And somewhere you suddenly get sight
There! you found it right in front
Running wild, with all your heart
to find a mirage, mocking.

Broken hearts could not be seen
but they ache even more
They pain of losing out on dreams
the tests of time and tiredness.





And sometimes our good lies in the chaos. We fail to realise what good it may do us and whine about the struggles and obstacles. But in the end it all end up making us better.

Like for a pencil, the process of sharpening it may feel chaotic and painful. But the intention, goal and output are all good. Worth the effort and pain.

In our attempts to resist change we fail to recognise the good in it. But some rains are better than sunlight.

Understand Someone?

We all try to understand other people and make other people understand what we feel. But no one really understands your life, struggles, decisions or reasons. All they do is to fit your situation to something they have experienced and act accordingly. They do not understand the complexity of your situation or the toll it takes onto you. They do not face the same threats as you, nor does their adrenaline rise in response. When someone says they understand, they only fool you!

No wonder most people do not understand or misunderstand how you feel.

A Tear Drop


A tear does not signify your weakness. It signifies your strength to get up and strive again after you have hit low.

It signifies you have learnt from what happened and are again on the path to make things work. A symbol that you are not stuck.

Though low, tears make the best telescopes to future, give one the best vision and they do release the bodily tension one feels.

Don’t feel shy of your emotions. Let them flow and be your strength.