Oh! Look my son is back home
Did I not say he would come?
He loves me more than anyone else
How could he abandon.

Come my son, you must be hungry
Toiling through the day, thirsty
Let me serve you some food to eat
Drink some water, thirst’s defeat

But why are you so silent today
Has it been too hectic day
Did you not enjoy the stuff
Or was all the work a handcuff

Look, we have many guests too
Everybody came in to see you
Won’t you talk to them even?
Would you be that rude?

Someone suddenly said, “Let go off him, sister
He was hit by a canister
His soul departed that moment
He will reside in Jannah, be content”

She replied in an angry voice
He is with me, my rejoice
And how dare you call him dead,
Don’t touch him, he’s my blood

He would not go anywhere
Like this he can’t leave me in despair
He promised he would stay by me
Then how can his early his soul flee?

Has our conscience died?

They always said a girl is the family’s pride and prestige. Why, they never revealed.

Years passed. I saw girls and boys medling together. Some as friends, some as boyfriends. Yet, during discussions and debates only a girl was blamed. I wondered what was wrong with people’s mind. Never could I sort out.

While erring one day, someone wise told me, “A girl has little prestige earned in all the years and a boy has little less. But a guy’s prestige never diminishes whatever he may do. On the contrary, a single mistake on a girl’s part proves fatal for her prestige. Usually nothing remains.”

Society does not think of evil as both sided, girls get to blame. Guys can do all they want. I wondered why…

Then I realised suddenly, girls have some kind of power. They can really make guys crazy, a puppet in their hands. One gaze and guys forget what they should and should not. A guy with strings pulled by a girl can’t really decide what to do, or can they?

Society blamed maybe to regulate. Maybe they thought girls could make world a better place. Maybe by blaming, they wanted to keep a check onto their behaviour.

But then why should someone be dependent on societal pressure to do right? Is our generation so lost that we need laws to regulate?

Has our conscience died?



They asked, ” How are the circumstances?
Still tense and unsafe?
Do you still have bomb blasts
Or meet terrorists?”

Speech failed and so did words
Thoughts raced further than they should
All attempts to describe the place
Went futile; all in vain

This had happened even before
They were national chauvinists
Unable to understand and comprehend
Beloved national can be wrong too.

They failed to acknowledge the land a conflict
For them it an integral part
But the truth lay hidden from them
Truth being the first casualty in conflict.

They trusted what media presented and
Politicians said; situations blown out of control
Being naive,thinking all was truth
Is that not how they ruined it?

Least aware about politics
How leaders used the issue for benefits
How cruel they could be with people
Diplomats and hypocrites .

They failedto know how people disappeared
And were killed in cold blood
No terrorist did so, but
Beloved security desirous of promotions

Neither they knew how voices were suppressed
Tear gases and bullets to shoo away
For them it was only water;
And didn’t sometimes police even protect them?

What they knew wasn’t whole of truth
A three year old can’t be a threat
They weren’t killing terrorists
It was a planned genocide!

Yet, not a word escaped lips
They were national chauvinists
Perceptions and beliefs would clash if expressed
And he, the only child of his mother!



There are better ways to cope than die
Gloom and sun equally pass by
Yet we think over the grief
Extending the period meant to be brief
Splitting black on canvas
Thinking it would help with stuff
And yet pain never ceases to be
Unless you will, nobody can help thee!


“I have been turned to a monster used to scar 3 year olds.”
That was what an African student in India summarized his experience here as.



A monster A monster I have turned into a monster…..
“Look at that weird looking black person. If you don’t oblige, he is going to take you away. Do you understand?” What kind of scaring is that? That is the sowing of seeds which would yield racism and casteism tomorrow. The fear of certain people in society.

But what had triggered it all? Just being from another part of the planet does not mean they are worth nothing! Someone said, “Beauty is but a skin layer deep” and still people around were so cautious about the colour of their skin. As if being black was a curse, a blunder that they had done. Mistaken. They valued skin colour as if it defined characteristics and values of a person. As if a fair person would always be right and is thus cherished. A black is seen as a criminal, untouchable. And why? Probably no one knew answer to this question. Nobody dared ask this. Certain customs and traditions are to be followed blindly, not asking why or what. But what should it be called? Classical conditioning? Faith? Trust? Or plain lack of sense?

Everyone around seemed so proud that they did not differentiate between people on the basis of caste and all. Liking pages and joining online social groups for this cause. Typing their disgust at those who did so. And yet, when it came to them in the reality, they were no different. They did the same, just a bit differently. So what reason did they have to be proud of themselves? Was writing a post on internet enough to safeguard the rights of those affected? Did this rid them of their responsibilities towards ensuring equality?

Reality was far far from the internet. Though the posts would make an impression that people are very friendly and receptive, the reality seems hidden. Only once you land in this land can you see the masks falling. Only when you interact will you know that people have been feigning. Fooled. Society wore a mask. The farther you are, the brighter the smile. And as you reach near, only then can you see the frowning faces. Disgust filled in eyes. As if they had been asked to deal with the lowest of jobs in world!

And why? That was a billion dollar question no one ever attempted to solve! They asked about NGO’s that would work towards removing this inequality. But when it came to them? “What difference could I possibly make?” Hah! Whom were they trying to fool? The world or themselves. Probably their own selves. Cause the world already knew the reality. World could not be fooled for long. And the impressions were long lasting. Changing perspectives of everyone.

All the good images were a hoax. The reality was revealed. The truth lay naked and people ashamed!