Walking down the road,
in pursuit of that goal
the  cherished longing,
the golden dream

Along the way you try too hard
with a sun shining too bright
And then suddenly you feel tired
all energy, zeal sapped.

You wish the destination were nearer
that you reach before too late
with fatigue creeping in
the distance seeming even longer.

And somewhere you suddenly get sight
There! you found it right in front
Running wild, with all your heart
to find a mirage, mocking.

Broken hearts could not be seen
but they ache even more
They pain of losing out on dreams
the tests of time and tiredness.





There was one thing being repeated over and again
“I don’t really care, it’s all fine”
Though brains tried to reflect
Heart had turned rebellious
It was chaos, no, a war
An invisible, internal fight
Though outside they thought it happy
Nothing could internally be worse
What fun they assumed it to be
Being internally fought and torn apart