Unloving Someone

Can you, can anyone stop loving a person at any point of time? Like, “I am done, I don’t like this person anymore?”

Whoever it is, a friend, a lover, a teacher, one can never unlove. One can never tell oneself to not feel for someone.

And moving on? We just stop expecting out of people. Stop waiting. Quit all our hopes and accept the way we want someone might just remain a fantasy.

We don’t stop loving. We stop expecting any scenario with the person, anything together.

That’s how we move on!

One thought on “Unloving Someone

  1. Kaushik July 1, 2019 / 1:22 pm

    I think you should explore these topics even further. Go deep in your mind and heart and stay with your thoughts and ideas for a stretch before putting pen on paper. Understand yourself, reasons, consequences and context. stitch a narrative, tell a story, bleed your emotions and then you can publish something that’s relatable and not superficial. Good start. Good luck


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