Separation –
The prospectus of you being elsewhere
Takes a toll onto me
I sacrifice my being, mourning
Do you witness this, God?
This love, attachment
I inflict pain onto myself
Breaking to pieces
And cater to the wounds of soul,
I try forgetting the ordeal
The love, separation, pain
I forget the whole world in turn
But forgetting you takes an eternity
Oh! I had forgotten my own self
Who woke me back to reality
Who broke my mad dream?
I supplicate the insomniac nights,
Your longevity, our love
You learned your powers on life, on me
I quit the whole world for you …
My ordeal made the gardens lament
” Where’s your companion
Why do you traverse the path alone”
Even the autumn breeze consoled
My misery broke even the destroyer!
Now I live in this abyss
Gloom and sorrow, my days
I keep searching for solace
I keep searching for you!

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