After Departure

He could see his mother in kitchen
And yelled to her, “I won’t eat.”
She insisted, he did not yield
Leaving home in haste.

He could see his sister with a pillow
And knew they would be fighting soon
He snatching her favourite toy
She reciprocating, “I hate you”

He could see his brother’s new bat
The reason he now envied him
And how they sneaked out together
To play in that rain!

He could see his dad’s grin
He displaying his sports trophy
That warm hug following
And scolding on grades.

But now walls seemed splashed by red
A teacher in front set ablaze
He could see his lifeless friends
And a gun pointing at his head!

He could hear his mother wail
His sister probably dumbstruck
He felt his brother lift him up
The final journey embarked.


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