Being Best

Being told to get inspired and learn from other people who work hard is an unorthodox method of making someone learn (or I believe so). You are supposed to imitate their behaviour and achieve their level of success.

It is like indirectly saying that you are not worthy enough to achieve that on your own. They taunt, compare, call others so much better just to get a better result from you. And it does push you to work more, better. But at the same time it scars your soul to know that you were not good enough for your family. That if given a choice they would have preferred someone better than me. Someone more successful.

Even the method of constant appreciation is not flawless. It can make a person feel like he is the best an needs not work harder. Hence a huge potential in that person gets locked away. To be unlocked only when uncertainty reigns again. But the other method of comparison and discontent leaves a person emotionally unbalanced.

If such comparisons are drawn for too long a person may be tempted to take extreme steps. No doubt it may lead him to unlimited success but he would be equally insecure and doubtful. On a personal and emotional level the person could be drained of all energy living only to prove that he is worthy too. but it carries within it the risk of driving people to the dark alleys too. Contemplating suicide because they are not able to satisfy their folk or that they wanted to do something else is very common. Depression, emotional instability, suicidal tendencies, all are a result of this method too.

Before saying they are not worthy step into their shoes too. They may be trying hard. Your one wrong statement might ruin it for them.



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