Spring is just sleeping
Exhausted with all the bloom
The lush colours, mud and rain
With the people’s praise and blame.

Tired with all the work,
Just a slumber so human
It would wake up soon enough
Bringing cheer and hustle  back.

Till then let the land fallow
Let it rest with a blanket white
Let it feel the warmth of love
We call so cold and cruel.

‘Cause unless you stop and refill
Your resources would exhaust
And unless comes night
Day will never dawn!



All had eyes on drugs
how fast they intoxicated
leaving the person unaware
misbehaving, uttering nuisances!

They said it ruined lives
cause the impact they had
addicted, helpless, unaware
why should they not be cursed?

And in the stereotyped environment
they forgot: How
daily events impacted mind
behaviour of people

How a violent scene onscreen
promoted the same behaviour
and how frequent questioning
fills up mind with fear!

How a trip, an experience
change one’s outlook
how a book can surge anger
leaving you vulnerable.

It seems like people regard
one poison and other naught
cause if drugs are instantaneous
others are arsenic too!


They said parents love one the most
he always felt otherwise
How that sidelined his yearnings
how he had to sacrifice

And now the waters were neck deep
moving away the only possibility
And somehow  the lows of life
let to years of hard work.

Looking back, he knew
it all had something good
had the circumstances been different
never would he grow.
His success was more to them
than his own hard work.
cause unless you are pushed to wall
you don’t learn climbing it!


She cried, bewildered
where had the child gone?
But where had she been when
the soul was alone at home
trying not to be afraid
future can hold unknowns!

She looked around for her child
but it was long gone
Where was she when it cried
hungry and so tired
figuring out how to cook,
seeking mother in distress?

She asked, “Why it left early
Was it not too young to die?”
Where was she when he wanted to play
and was shooed away?
made to feel like unwanted
a burden onto the family?

She pleaded them to let it be
and not take it away from her
Where was she when it cried for her
seeking her affection and protection.
When all it desired was her
and she busy with other!

She looked around in despair
It had waited for her hopelessly
She seeks when it no more was
It sought when ignored so hard
And as it parted that fateful day
one lost life and other hope!