His Happiness

Years before, a random Sunday
cold and warm mixed together
A question he held in eyes
an embrace his answer

A shell was then kissed on
a partial face of kisser
they hung together from his pocket
the start of a journey.

Years later, still together
they struggle to be happy
on one thing or another
there is discord or agony

They promise each day to be good
and not be upset on little things
a day passes by happy
and next comes as doom!

However explanations they may give
or how hard they may try
from all that had happened
there was one logical end

Neither could he live without
not be happy in her absence
There was something that must be done
something to end all his pain…

And she kept wondering, how
she had been so unlucky
like Midas she for him,
touching his happiness to gloom

Of her he thought as happiness
and it turned just the opposite
The person he cherished as sunlight
was only rain and thunderstorm!

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