Some journeys are more alluring than the destination. But everything has to end. Nothing can go on forever.

Unless one thing ends, another cannot start. And though we despair at the end, everything is linked together. All a part of a larger puzzle where they fit in to complete the picture.

And at some later point of time we see the links connecting. Knowing why things happened and what they served. Some lessons need to be learned the hard way.

Peace cannot prevail without some pain!

Towards Liberation

Never can two eyes see the world in same light. What one sees is not truth but a perception. Perceptions are formed by the way we grow up; the environment that surrounds us; the way people are treated.

No two minds can think similar. And what one finds right in his knowledge is wrong from others’s perspective.

Right and wrong; good and bad; everything is a perspective; relative to the mind. Nothing is truly right nor anything truly wrong. It is all about how you see it as!