A Note …


To be available as a book
how noble the soul shall be
letting go through to find answers
what he has found long ago.

Being that hand who takes to walk
when we stagger in the path
the beam of light that fills the room
when all you see is filled of gloom

The mirror who never laughed at the tears
whose voice had calmed a tempest
emphasizing the good in you
a calm talk to draw you out of blue

No, I won’t call him an angel
humans starve so much more
tending to balance all thee got
and yet show us all around!

And yet so often we tend to forget
the goods we learnt in the process
all we see is we are bound
ugly four walls enclosing us!

We keep on whining not aware
how much they have to share
and yet we disregard their depth of knowledge
as if we knew the ultimate truth….

So ignorant that we do not realize
what is good and what bad
and yet we point fingers on those
who tend to make us realize “us”.

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