Conversing Life ..

He said, “I’m all alone
nobody ever understood”
She said, ” I’m here for you
life has given you an option”

He said, ” Life is so difficult
walking a mile gives me aches”
She said, “Go searching for the light
You shall never get tired”

He said,” I am fed up
the routine and the daily life”
She said, ” Look at the purpose
Look at the picture being carved out!”

He said, ” The path is filled with obstacles
I can never get over them”
She said, ” Ah! Think again
You could even move around šŸ˜‰ ”

He said, ” My feet are aching by journey
I can go on no longer”
She said, ” Look back and see the road crossed
its only milk and cheese ahead”

HE said, ” I shall never get to the goal
it seems far and I am gloomy”
She said, ” Seek within; seek out your soul
your happiness lies there; not outside”

He said, ” My feet got wounded and blood’s all over
the journey is difficult for me to come over
I give up my motives here
My blisters hurt and I walk no further”

She said, ” Don’t escape, its just near
try to overcome all your fear
unless you move out of the comfort
you would never grow nor desire a dessert”

But his mind won’t let him go
his fear held him like a mouse in claw
Fear reigned as an eagle in his head
he believed he could not without seeing the chains!

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