Never Needed

If I was to burn in flames
and no heed paid to all my claims

If I was meant to hear only blames
and be called by strange names

Then why was I given hope to live
people whom I trust and believe

Why was there light on my path
if my sins couldn’t be washed by a bath?

If I was to be abused all my life
was it not better to have a knife?

If my love couldn’t claim affection
and my actions not gain perfection

then for what was I made a human
to be put at people’s discretion?

If they say you feign care
and anyone in life to you doesn’t matter

then should I cut open my heart
show my feelings without any art

Shall I prove my innocence to them
cut my heart in pieces for them?

Or shall I let them burn in fire
and not let myself be hung by a wire

Proof is needed to prove culprits
for innocence no proof is ever needed!

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