The Lonliest


Unheard by parents
And unheard by friends
I found respite in indulgence
Something people called drugs

I tried to talk and connect
They shall know my plight
All I got back was dictates
Rules to be followed and work to be done!

I spoke of my misery to my friends
They mocked me … laughed at my tears
I thought of them as companions
They were mere pleasure seekers

I thought my teacher could save me
They hold positions of our parents
But my approach yielded no result
I was shooed away… I wasn’t the favorite!

Pained by the grief of misunderstanding
I seemed to be the loneliest
None stood none understood
My life was a vexation

Turning numb towards the pain
I found my best friend soon
Someone who made me high,
with whom I forgot my pain

But I failed to understand
Why people look down upon the savior
Why they seemed so biased
Why they call drugs a menace!

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