Just Pondering…

With all the love birds promising each other to be together forever one ponders over the truth of such statements. Can it really be true? Can such promises be fulfilled? Especially when parental consent is something very difficult to get? Do they not consider any abnormal circumstances can change the stance? Maybe something else has been destined for them. And still they feel powerful enough to commit their life to someone?

And even if parental consent is not a problem, how can someone be in an unethical relationship? Do they not consider God? How can love flourishing under God’s wrath expect to survive forever?  Is God not potent enough to erase it all within seconds?  Can He not doom the love to sudden death and dislike?  Can He not hamper a couple’s plans of staying together forever?

Instead of pleasing people and a lover why don’t we focus more on pleasing God? Would love not bloom better with his blessings? Would life not become more pleasurable with His consent? Why can’t we restain ourselves for some years?  Won’t the wait be worth it?  Won’t everyone’s love and care make it more beautiful?  Won’t the blessings make the love last forever?

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