From the dark …

With all the busy schedules who has got time to console?  Who would pat my back and make me stand up?

I found myself lost. And turned to Him. With all the fear of rejection I asked for help. And He did.  He listened. The best listener anyone could ever get. He understood my agony and pain. And stood there by me till I felt better.

I needed someone’s embrace. But none was in vicinity. I prostrated . The feeling of being in someone’s arms could not be met. But I knew this embrace could continue for long. He was in no hurry. Always accessible . He heard all my whines and saw all my tears. But never did He ridicule anything of me. Accepted me as I was.

He did not shoo me away stating His busy schedule. Not did He part me when the embrace seemed never ending. It seemed like He has been waiting only for me; like all His time was mine. I, His priority!

if this is not true love then what is? ?

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