Those times when she gave in
anger raising a tempest within her

feeling like exploding
like she could not take anything anymore

as if everything was meant to hurt
splashing ink; ruining her shirt!

When nothing was understood
and in situations could not see any good

When she felt so vulnerable
something making her feel horrible

He came in as her support
who made her see beyond

How things would work towards the better
and how these petty things won’t matter

Took her by hand, showing the path
assuring nothing had happened to call for her wrath

That tests are part of everyone’s life
you cannot give up on every strife

A tear does not make the path easier
neither can a thorn make you any weaker.

The tempest calmed itself down
soon from her face gone was the frown

Looking up with a new light in eyes
was He not God in disguise?

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