There was a sudden surge of pain. Her heart had accepted what her mind could not. Or maybe it was this realization that had unsettled her. Maybe the truth of their separation had gradually soaked into her. She, in some part of her mind, had accepted this. She never wanted this. She had done everything she could. Left her passion, her enthusiasm. She became docile. She never was before. She had desired this union from all her heart. It had become one of her dreams.

But now everything was shattered. Her dreams lay broken. Her feet bruised by the broken pieces lying around. How could her relation fall apart? She had put her everything into it. And now she stood nowhere. She could not understand. She was at the cross roads of chaos. She had nowhere to go, no way to choose.

She recalled how they had been happy. How she had found new meaning to her life when he arrived. She remembered everything-even from the very first day and beyond. They had been so close. Like one soul two bodies.

Then why could this not last? Why was this relation doomed? Why did they fall apart? At the verge of estrangement? There had been mistakes by both. But they should have buried the past. Instead, they kept exhuming the graves. The scars were inevitable. The wounds would never heal.

Instead of facing the situation, they fled. Avoiding confrontation. They should have talked about problems and emotions. They never did. They acted fine even when not. Feign. Were they insecure of each other? Afraid that other might spill the beans in front of someone else? Distrust.

They could not forgive each other. Weak. They could not ask for forgiveness. Egoistic. They had brought their relation to this point. Estrangement seemed normal.

She could not forget him though. Addicted. She could not put up with the pain at times. She broke up everyday. And realising he was gone, had pulled herself up again. She had to be brave. She had to go on. Live alone.

Sigh! She deboards the train. Joins her new workplace. Away from him. Regrets.

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