From Illusion To Reality

She looked around in tears
not knowing where to seek him
her curiosity only grew with time
no hopes of gaining answers.

She wandered in wilderness
dark was all she could see
and then one day it turned red
a bullet had pierced through!

Someone lay dead somewhere
conflict claimed another soul
she wondered about her father
was he just away or met similar fate?

Graves of past were raked through
ugly truths kept coming forth
each day a new revelation
silent death of hopes.

A new perspective lay before her
something she never knew existed
She thought this would reduce her pain
bringing forth her answers.

But as the truth lay naked in front
pain piercing through her heart
she could not apprehend whether to trust or not
this was something she had not imagined.

Until this she sought her father
his existence a mystery to her
But now she knew he was gone
her heroes had rendered her orphan.

One thought on “From Illusion To Reality

  1. tenu May 2, 2015 / 1:12 pm



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